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High Maltose Powder

Model No.: D32W
Product Origin: Shandong ,China
Standard: ISO9001&HACCP
PriceTerms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 5000kg/month
Detailed Product Description:

High Maltose Powder

Features and application:

This product is white color,flavor is pure,with wheat aroma,instant solubility is good,

Maltose content is high.When it is used in dairy products,sugar and sweetness can be adjusted to improve the flavor of products,meanwhile,it is good for human body

Absorption,digestion,it can also coordinate and enhance the nutritional composition of dairy products.

High Maltose powder has good anti-crystalline activitygood fermentedthermal stability.It is widely used in bakery,beverage products ,dairy product,condiments,

Baked goods ,nourishing liquid health,medicine jam.Jelly,canned food,meat ,honey,processed goods send traditional foods:peanut candy,sesame candy,crisp candy and so on.

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