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【 Sell 】Non dairy creamer for coffee mate
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2018-02-24
Offer expiry date: Never expired
Detailed Product Description:

k32 non-dairy creamer for coffee is a high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white to cream color powder with good flavor and color and heavy milky taste mainly made of glucose syrup and vegetable oil (palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc), which can improve the inner structure of food and increasing fragrance and fat to taste exquisite, tender and milky, so to highly increase the effect of solubility and emulsification.

applications in coffee
a, to modify color of coffee by its excellent whitening powder and make coffee softer and smoother
b, to add a smooth, rich sense to coffee
c, to make coffee more appealing
d, to restrain bitterness of coffee
Non dairy creamer for coffee mate

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