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【 Sell 】Fructooligosaccharides
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FOS also known as fructooligosaccharide.It is a natural active substance.It is the combination of GF2,GF3,GF4 and GF5.The ordinary commodity frutooligosaccharides also contain a small amount of source,fructose,glucose.


It is capable of regulating intestinal flora,the proliferation of bifidobacteria,promote the absorption of calcium,regulate blood fat,anti-caries,anti-cancer and other health care funtctions.Long-term use can lower serum cholesterol and improve lipid metabolism,enhance immunity and resistance to disease.Prevention and improve skin disease caused by toxin in the body,bright the skin,slow aging,promote the absorption of nuterients,especially calcium absorption.Reduce the burden of the liver and protect liver.Calorific value is low,does not cause obesiy,It is also a good sweetener for diabetes.


Health care products,dairy products ,lactic acid bacteria drinks,solid beverage,candy,cookies,bread,jelly,cold-beverages and other food products.


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